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Observing a Local Manager Essaypilot

Leadership forms a critical part of every entity’s success since the leader aligns and drives the goals and objectives of the company. An observation and interview of Manager X of X Company was conducted and the following details and analyses were collected from the exercise. One of the areas that were found to be critical to the manager was the weekly meetings with the employees where they would engage and deliberate on the achievement of the set goals for the team. The manager holds meetings every Monday where they engage with the employees with everyone having an opportunity to raise questions and suggest the best direction for the company. (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013) The manager gives a chance to all the employees to give their views or report and the team makes the decision on the best direction towards meeting the goals set. Although the manager is firm he still gives a chance to others to give their views on the models created. In addition, the manager also holds regul ar meetings with the supervisors within the week depending on the specific role and the set goals that have been set. Briefing by the manager is regular and the critical models have to be mapped through essentially created since it maps a proper trend in the system. As leaders, this helps in understanding the direction of the company and creating the systems developed. Manager X also interacted with the employees and looked to help the employees to become more productive. A hand on approach was used for new employees as the manager wanted to help them adopt seamlessly in the company through offering his help in the workplace to develop proper models of change in the system. The manager has a critical model towards developing the proper model that has been identified towards underlining the essential and critical changes identified. (Kark and Shamir, 2013) The manager has good communication and engagement with others at the workplace that is engaged in affiliation and agency that have been developed. The affiliation and agency of the set systems map out specific tools that have been defined and outlined through the engagement with all the employees in any level. The manager engages all the workers in the team and ensures that there are significant processes that are matched towards creating the specific processes of helping and engaging with each ot her. A delegation of duties to the team members depending on the strengths of the individuals and behavioral models developed is also essential. The manager delegates the duties to all the workers and believes in their ability to take action and develop proper actions and set models needed within the system. Manager X has belief in the workers that make the workers more productive and committed to working for the entity and creating better methods of change needed. The delegation of duties ensures that the Manager is agreeable amongst the workers and gives everyone a chance to work in a good environment. There are creative models mapped that are indicative of the patterns developed and creating a strong presence of change that is needed towards aligning with the critical goals of the company (Kark and Shamir, 2013). The leader is calm and collected and appears to disengage emotions from his role as a leader. The composure and critical engagement in the system ensure that the leader has a good rapport with the workers. Attention to detail and critical assessment is also one of the main tools used by the manager. The manager is highly intelligent and calls to task every employee due to the reports were given. The leader has a good connection with the workers due to the work ethic that he shows the workers as he is highly integrated into the working environment and uses his position in the company to integrate the proper tools of change needed. As a manager, one has to inspire others and this is mainly due to his incredible work ethic and his call to the task of all the employees thereby engaging the specific processes needed in the company accordingly (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). Manager X drives workers towards improving the level of productivity through developing the best practices and participating in the methods and actions taken. It is a proper account of change that is essentially defined and modeled in the system and integrates the best-mapped approaches towards attending to proper tools in the organization. The belief and drive towards the set vision and mission of the company is also commendable. The leader believes in the products and processes that are defined thereby creating a good relationship and inspiring the workers. Leaders have a responsibility to create a potent approach that is needed under the set systems (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). It is imperative for individuals to create proper and acceptable approaches essential for overseeing the critical changes needed for managerial positions. There are many defining actions that are needed mapping out a specific nature needed in the company over the long-run. One of the areas where the Manager does not assess or develop tools for monitoring the specific traits is in performance reviews and appraisals. Performance reviews and appraisals are a critical part of measuring the performance of the workers and improving the main methods needed in the company (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). The manager, however, noted that the interaction with the employees on a regular basis serves to help with understanding their needs and creating the best methods to improve their productivity. The Manager runs a closed system where he relies on his management skills and interaction with the workers to deliberate on the methods developed. The Manager has a critical role to play in identifying the proper approaches needed and create an actionable process for change that is aligned with the main tools as identified towards developed better motivational processes. The Manager has a responsibility to measure the individual traits of the workers through proper perform ance reviews that can be used to gauge the output of the workers as well as the supervisors (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). Performance reviews are critical to for the owners to gauge the output and productivity of all workers including the manager. They are also used by the managers to negotiate for better motivating factors and indicate any problems that the workers may be facing in their roles within the entity. The role that is given to the supervisors and other members of the team are similar to a laissez-faire model of leadership where the manager allows the workers to decide and develop the main models identified in the change process. It is proper to create an actionable model of change that essentially develops the systems identified in the society. The recruitment and training process is essentially created and outlined in the systems defined. It is essential to create a proper model of change and actionable processes needed in creating a better approach towards igniting and developing a change in the society (McCleskey, 2014). It is definitive for individuals to work out a proper chain of events that are essentially modeled and highlighted through important measures and models of change. The main precepts that have been predefined indicate a critical pattern that the manager has taken to create a good working environment for the workers. The engagement and participation of the manage r in the training and recruitment process also ensure that the workers selected and trained for individual roles in the entity have the proper traits towards engaging in the specific roles (McCleskey, 2014). It is essentially critical to engage different models of training and recruitment that is focused on gaining the best from the workers and driving their commitment to the work ethic within the entity. An analysis of the interview and data collected reveals that the manager is a transformational leader who inspires others through the methods developed. The traits and work ethic that has been inculcated within the setting indicates that the main models that have been developed indicate a proper pattern of change needed. It is critical to ensure that the main measures instituted align to the critical models needed in developing essential traits that are properly defined (Breevart et al, 2014). The interview reveals that the strength of the company is hinged on the †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.

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The Catcher in the Rye Quotes

J.D. Salinger’s use of informal language in The Catcher in the Rye is part of the novel’s enduring popularity. But the writing style wasn’t chosen simply to make it accessible; Salinger mimics the patterns and rhythm of a story being told orally, giving readers the almost subliminal sense that they’re listening to Holden Caulfield instead of reading a book. The result is a powerful sense of the character despite his obvious unreliability and tendency to lie, and the ability to pull almost any quote from the novel and find plenty of meaning and symbolism. â€Å"‛Up home we wear a hat like that to shoot deer in, for Chrissake,’ he said. ‛That’s a deer shooting hat.Like hell it is.’ I took it off and looked at it. I sort of closed one eye, like I was taking aim at it. ‛This is a people shooting hat,’ I said. ‛I shoot people in this hat.’† Holden’s red hunting cap is ridiculous, and there is plenty of evidence that he’s aware of that fact, aware that walking around an urban setting wearing a bright red hunting cap is weird. On a surface level—surface because it’s the obvious reason for the cap that Holden himself admits to—the cap symbolizes Holden’s independent spirit, his determination to not be like everyone else. This quote demonstrates Holden’s own perception of the hat as a disruptive tool, a layer of protective armor that allows him to attack the people he meets, if only in his mind. Holden’s misanthropy grows steadily throughout the novel as people he admires disappoint him and those he despises confirm his suspicions, and the red hunting cap symbolizes his willingness to shoot those people, or attack them and insult them. â€Å"The trouble was, that kind of junk is sort of fascinating to watch, even if you don’t want it to be.† As Holden observes the perverts at the hotel, he feels conflicted. He admits to being fascinated, but he’s also clearly disapproving. His sense of helplessness is part of his emotional collapse—Holden doesn’t want to grow up, but his body is outside his control, which is terrifying to him. â€Å"The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move ... Nobody’d be different. The only thing that would be different would be you.† Unlike the ducks, which disturb Holden due to their regular disappearance, he finds comfort in the museum he takes Phoebe to, reveling in its static nature. No matter how long he stays away, the exhibits and the experience remain the same. This is comforting to Holden, who is terrified of change and who feels wholly unprepared to grow up and accept his mortality—and his responsibility. â€Å"The part that got me was, there was a lady sitting next to me that cried all through the goddam picture. The phonier it got, the more she cried. Youd have thought she did it because she was kindhearted as hell, but I was sitting right next to her, and she wasnt. She had this little kid with her that was bored as hell and had to go to the bathroom, but she wouldnt take him. She kept telling him to sit still and behave himself. She was about as kindhearted as a goddam wolf.† There are many quotes about the phonies that Holden meets and his low opinion of them, but this quote in the middle of the story expresses Holden’s true problem with it. It’s not so much that people put on airs and pretend to be something they’re not, it’s that they care about the wrong things. For Holden, what offends him here is that the woman is becoming emotional about the fake people on the screen while ignoring her unhappy child. To Holden, it should always be the other way around. This gets to the core of Holden’s war against time and maturity. As people get older, he sees them consistently ignoring what he thinks is important in favor of things he considers less so. He worries that by giving in and growing up he will forget Allie and start caring about fake things like the movies instead. â€Å"I walked all around the whole damn lake – I damn near fell in once, in fact – but I didnt see a single duck. I thought maybe if there were any around, they might be asleep or something near the edge of the water, near the grass and all. Thats how I nearly fell in. But I couldnt find any.† Holden’s obsession with death and mortality drives the entire story, as it’s heavily implied that his emotional troubles and difficulties in school began when his brother Allie died a few years before the story opens. Holden is terrified that nothing lasts, that everything—including himself—will die and disappear like his brother did. The ducks symbolize this fear, as they are a feature of his past, a fond memory that is suddenly gone, leaving no trace. At the same time, the ducks are also a sign of hope for Holden. They represent a comforting constant, because Holden knows that when the weather warms up again the ducks will return. This adds a faint note of hope that is amplified by the revelation at the end of the novel that Holden is telling his story from a place of safety and calm, implying that for Holden the ducks have finally returned. â€Å"Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobodys around—nobody big, I mean—except me. And Im standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff—I mean if theyre running and they dont look where theyre going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. Thats all Id do all day. Id just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know its crazy, but thats the only thing Id really like to be. I know its crazy.† This quote not only gives the novel its title, it explains Holden’s fundamental issue in a beautiful, poetic way. Holden sees maturity as inherently bad—growing up leads to corruption and phoniness, and finally death. Everything Holden has observed in his life has told him that his brother Allie and his sister Phoebe are perfect in their childhood innocence, but will become like all of Holden’s despised schoolmates, teachers, and other adults in due time. He wishes to stop that passage of time and freeze everyone at a more innocent point in their lives. Crucially, Holden sees himself as all alone in this endeavor—the only person willing to attempt this feat, or qualified to do so. The fact that the song Holden’s mis-remembers—Coming Through the Rye—is actually about people sneaking into the fields to have illicit sexual encounters makes Holden’s immaturity obvious. It’s also another example of something Holden believes to be pure and innocent being corrupted and ruined by adult sensibilities, even if he’s not aware of the fact in the story.

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Concerns Affecting Race And Gender - 1349 Words

Concerns affecting Race and Gender in today’s Society Race and gender Race is a mechanism put in place by the majority population to control the minority group depending on the skin color. Race has been used as the main point of human identity, which started in the 17th century. Baldwin’s notes that human have been known to avoid interaction with the â€Å"alien† group of people, thus started the issues of race witnessed in today societal settings, in his book Notes of Native Son. To be identified as being someone, you need to belong to a particular race known in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, used his identity to plead with the blacks to stop the protests, instead, should seek justice through legal means. There is a combined effect of gender and racial discrimination and the advancement of women in achieving equality with their male counterparts. This has attracted much attention during the implementation like the Beijing Platform for Action. There have also been various movements practiced worldwide so as to promote the balance, like the Third World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, that took place in Durban South Africa. Gender discrimination can combine with other forces to limit women and present various obstacles to their development. Even Staples in his book Just Walk on By, reason that while he was at prison, Martin Luther King Jr. ensured that his rhetoric skills played to hisShow MoreRelatedCriminal Justice Trends Evaluation1581 Words   |  7 Pagesfuture and current trends affecting the criminal justice system. Lastly, it defines the values of the system in a changing society. Recent trends affecting the criminal justice system are related to gender and racial barriers. According to Roslyn Muraskin and Albert R. Roberts (2009 ), assessments of statuses of women and minorities in police work shows that there are obstacles in official and informal structures of police work organizations related to gender and race. Regardless of assessment studiesRead MoreA Community Mapping Of The Little Village And Pilsen Communities1338 Words   |  6 Pagesof great concern, and have their own individual importance in the communities they are a part of. In my studies of this area, I found that the culture is vastly more rich than I had ever imagined and the close knit culture of the Pilsen and Little Village area was an inspiration to dive into why they struggled with such high high school dropout rates. I found this issue to be very important due to the fact that it is an issue with our education system as a whole, and is greatly affecting the futureRead MoreTitanic Film Analysis1282 Words   |  6 Pagesare three main social groups in America: upper, middle, and lower class; these rankings are contributed by mass amounts of factors, but one of the main factors that people cannot control is their race and ethnicity. Race and ethnicity, likewise as gender, can also play a part in a variety of other concerns such as, education level, income, and where you reside. In today’s, society, people are afraid, petrified even, or either hate the fact that we use these â€Å"harsh terms† such as upper, middle, andRead MoreThe Effects Of Hip Hop Music On Adolescents862 Words   |  4 Pagesway of life. But how exactly is Hip Hop affecting us psychologically and culturally? The effects of music videos on adolescences have been the subject of controversy for decades. The common reason for the concern has been appropriately summed by Arnett (a Research Professor of Psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts), who explained, women are used as props for the illusive life the music video is portraying the artist to have. The concern that hip-hop culture, as seen in music videosRead MoreIs Diabetes A Common Disease?1358 Words   |  6 Pagesthe social determinants of income, cultural groups, race and minority. The perspective of social determinants of health is positioned on the assumption that â€Å"economic and social conditions . . . shape the health of individuals, communities, and jurisdictions as whole† (Raphael, 2008, p. 2). Affecting the social determinants are aboriginal status, early life, education, employment and working conditions, food security, gender, health care services, housing, income and its distributionRead MoreThe Theory Of The Victim Mentality Essay1602 Words   |  7 Pagesbelieved that I was responsible for my life and any change that was necessary was up to me to make it happen. Being a philosopher, I believe the answers to our problems lie within us. I firmly believe that given the illusion, challenges and conflicts affecting minorities in America, we need to put an end to some of the hypocrisy that still exists between blacks and blacks, where if a black person does not think that the whites are responsible for black people’s misfortu ne, they are labeled ‘sell-outs.Read MoreHow Does Social Change Affect Individuals And Society?1281 Words   |  6 PagesActivism is taking actions or using policies to create social change and to raise awareness on issues affecting individuals and society. (Launius and Hassel, Threshold Concepts, 157). Gender socialization; reproductive justice, abortion and birth; and family life are three issues that affect people through privilege and oppression. These issues have negative impacts on transgender people’s access to public space, women of color reproductive self-determination and mothers. People have tried to addressRead MoreDiscrimination Still a Big Problem in the American Economy1512 Words   |  7 Pageseconomics has been influenced throughout the years by various types of discrimination. Discrimination is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the unjust or prejudicial treatment of differential categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, ag e, or sex. Despite the much advancement in workplace law, America still falls short in achieving an equal playing field across all categories. The economy of America continues to suffer today from the inequalities that exist from discriminationRead MoreKate Spade s Trans Politics995 Words   |  4 Pagespolitics as a strategy that demands the inclusion and legal recognition aimed at finding a possible transformation of current civil society, social equality and logics of the state. He has considered it necessary to apply the different norms that are affecting the human nature in the different institution. As indicated in the book, trans politics will arise from the feminists, anti-resist politics, leftists, gay, and lesbians. Social movements frequently engage in some formal resistance operations therebyRead MoreWilly Loman And Modernism Analysis725 Words   |  3 Pagesrebellious movement, which allows the authors to raise the taboo topics in their plays. Inspired by the ideas of modernism, the British dramatist Shelagh Delaney pays attention of the audience to such controversial ethical issues as gender roles, social inequality, and race discriminations in her play A Taste of Honey (1958). Breaking the rules of traditional plays, the author wants to attract attention of the audience to the issues that can happen in the real life, but are not popular with other dramatists

The Executive Compass and Its Relation to the Good Society

The executive compass and its relation to the good society The search for a good society was of intense interest in the past and continues to be of interest to many researchers even now . Many philosophers in their own minds have coined a series of utopian views for which has been much debated in the pursuit of a good society. The major ideologies propounded by such philosophers include Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Anarchism, Nationalism, Fascism, Feminism, Ecologism, Religious Fundamentalism and Multiculturalism. All of these ideologies have argued in one way or the other in support of or against either of the elements contained in James Otoole’s executive compass which includes equality, efficiency, community and liberty. In view of this, the first part of the paper seeks to highlight the many different views of the good society propounded by many political ideologies in relation to the executive compass. The second part answers why the invisible hand does not seem to be working and how the tensions between liberty and effic iency can be resolved under the invisible. Finally, the paper will analyze what I would do to contribute to the creation of a good society. Liberty Liberty is derived from the â€Å"Latin word liber which means a class of free men; in other words men who are neither serfs nor slaves and is greatly linked to the ideas of freedom and choice† (Heywood, 2012). The whole idea of liberalism is driven by the pursuit of individualism in which people areShow MoreRelatedBenefits of Managing Ethics in Workplace1141 Words   |  5 Pageshas substantially improved society. A matter of decades ago, children in our country worked 16-hour days. Workers’ limbs were torn off and disabled workers were condemned to poverty and often to starvation. Trusts controlled some markets to the extent that prices were fixed and small businesses choked out. Price fixing crippled normal market forces. Employees were terminated based on personalities. Influence was applied through intimidation and harassment. Then society reacted and demanded that businessesRead MoreMoral And Ethical Dilemmas Of The Millennial Generation And Generation Z1637 Word s   |  7 Pages Everyday is filled with decisions, justifications, good decisions, and bad decisions. Philosophers and scientists alike have debated the reason for why humans are the way they are and the morality, alongside the ethics, behind each of those reasons. Merriam-Webster defines morals as â€Å"of or relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior† and ethics as â€Å"the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation.† Thus one sees the interconnectedness between both definitionsRead MoreCompass Box3905 Words   |  16 PagesEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Asyla Blended scotch, Oak cross malt, The peat Monster Scotch whisky’s will be prominent whisky products for people in Singapore. They are the products of Compass Box Whisky, a company operating from London with its distributors around the world. Compass Box products are known for there quality and standards. In July 2005 whisky pioneers, Compass Box, have been awarded best in class 3 times at the world’s most prestigious drinks awards, the international wine and spirit competitionRead MoreEthical Ethics Of An Ethical Corporation Is Not An Oxymoron1645 Words   |  7 Pagesproper just because you can get away with it like, an executive having an affair with another co-worker, or watching videos of funny cats, when you should be doing monthly reports on sales. Stealing and lying are unacceptable conduct in the workplace, as they are anywhere else. There is a world of difference between what you have the right to do and what is right to do. A basic workplace ethical c ode comes from the desire to benefit society and professions as a whole (Calderon, 2012). This paperRead MoreA Interview On Ethical Business Practices1556 Words   |  7 Pagesamplify productivity. Secondly, they appeal to customers to the business products, thus improving profits and sales. For the ethical business practices interview, I had the preference to interview Nemer Ziyad, the Principal of Ziyad Brothers and Executive Vice President (Allotey, 2008). Ziyad Brothers is among the nation’s largest distributors and importers of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food yields in the country. Apparently, Nemer is the beneficiary of several awards together with the 2006Read MorePersonal Statement On Ethics And Ethics1395 Words   |  6 Pagesstarting lineup for the season. He was my best friend and I would do anything for him. However, I knew that it was morally wrong for me to lie to our trainer about his score. Not only would it have made him look bad, it would have taken away from my good reputation and made me appear untrustworthy. I could have lied and no one would have ever found out but I knew that over the long run that feeling of guilt would eventually have settled in. I decided to do what was right during this ethical dilemmaRead MoreNestle s Principles Of Business Operations1513 Words   |  7 Pagesthat everything they do in their business revolve around; Nutrition Health Wellness, Quality assurance and products safety, Consumer communication, Human Rights in business activities, Leadership and personal responsibility, Supplier and customer relations, Agriculture products, Environmental sustainability, and Water. Under each of these topics is a set of things Nestlà © follows such as, making it their core aim to enhance the quality of consumer’s lives every day, everywhere by offering tastier andRead MoreThe Constitution : An Symbol Of American Pride, Freedom, And The Hopes1515 Words   |  7 Pageshave generally reacted negatively towards the actions Congress has taken using said clause as its rationale for events over time, giving the government a vast amount of control and power. As time went on however the clause has been used for public good and has brought benefits to the people. The Necessary and Proper clause is located in Article 1, Section 8 and state states: To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powersRead More Business Ethics and the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Essay3442 Words   |  14 Pagesmoral principles or the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group. Using a moral compass should be a requirement for every CEO and executive. Any person who will have some impact on society needs to understand the difference between right and wrong. Since businesses touch such a large segment of our society, codes of ethics must be established and followed to protect the general public. In the following pages we will discuss the 1989 Exxon ValdezRead MoreEssay on Ethics2727 Words   |  11 Pagesand doing what is right. Doing what is right, is not just the obvious be good, dont lie, etc., in times of stress, these values are overlooked. With all the scandals showing up in the press, business ethics has come under scrutiny. Did these companies have a business code of ethics? If they did, were they ignored out of greed or out of confusion? Without a strong code of ethics, managers/leaders have no strong moral compass to guide them in times of crisis and confusion. Business ethics can be

Accounting for Science and Technological-

Question: Discuss about the Accounting for Science and Technological. Answer: Introduction The globalization and advancement of science and technological field have brought dramatic changes in the business context. In one hand it provides extensive facilities to the business organization; on the other hand, it has brought various difficulties to the business organization. Globalization provides the facilities to expand the market across the globe, and the technological advancement specifically the advanced computer, internet, as well as information and communication technologies boost the organizational efficiency. The output process of the performance measures can be accurately measured by showing the relative desires included in the results. The performance measurement system helps in determining the quality, cost and the time (Arnold, 2012). In this matter, the management accounting is shown to be beneficial for the companies. The performance measurement system also helps in creating and managing the key performance indicators as per the needs of the management. The sti mulation of the behaviour must be made by showing the success in the performance measured. The construction of the performance is depicted to be illustrating the ways of assessing the performance. These processes need a balanced measurement for the purpose of implementing the individual characteristics as undertaken for the study (Bacon, 2010). Main Context Balance Scorecard The balance scorecard helps in enhancing the performance management within FCH as well as it helps in using the revenues, cost and activity drivers. It helps in measuring the performances of the employees and the processes of operational activities. With the help balance scorecard the learning and developing process of the employees of FCH use to be improved as their performances are measured correctively by the management and provide them effective helps and guidance for their further improvement. It also improves the internal business process or the business operation of the organization as individual performances of the employees of the organization have been improved so it helps in improving the entire process. Besides this, with the improved efficiency business operation of the organization it can deliver better product and services to the customers. Therefore, the customers are satisfied with the company and its services. Moreover, as it helps in ensuring the customers satisfac tion it improves the loyalty of the customers. The larger loyal customers base the company can implement better strategies to grow in the market that help in substantial financial growth of the FCH. The implementation of the balanced scorecard is provided in the following steps that illustrate the process used by the FCH which is as follows:- It helps to reach to an agreement which considering the terms and its own meaning. it clearly explains the strategy descriptions, strategy maps, business goals and also the focus on the teams made. It is also illustrated as a KPI measurement tool which is being used for showing the summarization of the following ideas as measured by the management (Kaplan, 2012). It helps in making the management to understand the expected results that would be achieved in future. It clearly explains the strategic decision making and the discussion of the execution made by the management for the betterment of the company. It also helps in making a cultural shift when the employees start seeking jobs with the varying strategies of the organisation (Rahman, 2015). It helps in organising the proper decisions with surrounding the strategies constructed by the organisation for the future. It simply defines the alignment strategy undertaken by the organisation with involving the team members where the employees can easily share their thoughts for the betterment of the organisation (Sharma and Gadenne, 2011). Adding the KPIs and the action plans will enable in establishing the appropriate management of the key indicators which will be used for managing the functions of the organisation. This is illustrated as the best option which is showing the explanation of the measurement of the work and also the brainstorming metrics can be defined by using this strategy. It helps in undertaking the cultural shift which is essential for the organisation. It can be justified by undertaking the crash test of the balanced scorecard produced by the FCH and also it will enable to ensure the company about the benefits of the cultural shift taken by the company. The balanced scorecard is proved to be helpful for the FCH by showing the measurement of the performance for the FCH. The performances can be measured by the help of the four steps which are described in the following points:- Customers perspective It must be focused by showing the relationship with the management and also the relationship enables the growth of the company which is very much beneficial for the company. The focus is being made by illustrating the construction of the work process which will be suitable for having an appropriate relationship (Parrino, 2015). Internal perspective- The internal perspective is defined as the relationship of the FCH with the employees who will enable the company to have an appropriate development of the structure. The fruitful enhancement of the work will be easily defined to be showing the enhancement work. Innovative and the learning perspectives: The innovation and the learning perspectives will help the company to have an appropriate environment for the development of the FCH. The implementation of the innovative strategies and also the development of the structure will help in the establishment of the good reputation in the market. Financial Perspectives- The measurement of the inflows and the outflows of the cash will enable the company to have an appropriate measurement of the profits and the expenses made by the company. This will show the development or the deterioration of the company FCH. Potential Difficulties for Implementation of Balance Scorecard The balanced scorecard is an efficient concept of the performance management, and it has several advantages, however, at the time of implementing the balanced scorecard system, the companies may face difficulties. The reason behind this is that the balanced scorecard does not give practical guidance for the development. Moreover, some of the managers perceive it as a "quick fix" which can be easily applied within the organization (Emery, Finnerty and Stowe, 2011). Employing a balance scorecard scheme is an evolutionary procedure, and it is not a single time task, which can be verified quickly. In case the management does not identify this form in the initial period as well as be unsuccessful to commit to the long period, then the company will get a disappointing outcome. However, few approaches permit for the rapid beginning to the scorecard system evolution. For the evaluation of the system, the scorecard is very much essential for the identification of the issues. The scorecard helps in establishing the correct information by showing the path for mitigating the issues (Finch, 2010). Therefore, the development of this work is very much essential for the management of the organization. The mitigation of issues is very much important for showing the balancing of the perspectives. It also helps in showing the mitigation of issues in the measurements that forces the managers to distract from the main motive. There are few main issues with the implementation of the balanced scorecard, which are illustrated below: Poorly Defined Scorecard The scorecard requires being relevant and concise. They must be described with the visual indicators which can be understood easily. Moreover, the score must be gathered at an idea frequency in order make the decisions as well as must be defined in a way that the score can constantly be applied through the company. The system, which has a sloppy or inconsistent scorecard, will be vulnerable for the critics who wish to evade responsibility for the outcome (Helbk, Lindset, and McLellan, 2010). Lacking in Efficient Data Gathering along with Reporting The main reason, which the business organization uses to overemphasis financial scorecard at the cost of other significance operating variables, is the simplest fact that the system already presents for gathering as well as reporting the financial scores. The organizations that purposely plan for defining the main few scores as well as commit the resources to automate data gathering, as well as following reporting, intend to attain a good outcome. Unfortunately, in the most of the organization in case of collecting scorecard data take too much time plus energy that they will not be collected effectively. This is the reason behind that why in is vital to prioritize the key performance indicators; hence the company can be assured that its investment in the scorecard is spent on the information, which will be most pertinent to enhancing the performance of the organization (Kew and Watson, 2012). Deficiencies for a Formal Auditing Procedure The balanced scorecard works most efficiently at the time these are reviewed more frequently to detect the differences. In the case of a balanced scorecard, the value of the scorecard alters on a daily basis as well as the variables within the control management can be exaggerated on dial basis that time it is suggested that the scorecard must be reviewed on a daily basis (Paramasivan and Subramanian, 2009). Vague Strategy The vague strategy is being defined as the ideals and the aspirations that cannot be implemented by the organisation to frame out the structure of sustainability in the future. This failure provides the organisation to face the revisit situations and also the strategies cannot be cleared. This seems to be affecting the balanced scorecard and also the financial targets cannot be easily fulfilled. The effect on the medium and the long term can be easily determined by showing the perceptions and the values made by the company. The enhancement of the desired value can be made by mitigating the refining and revisiting strategies which are affecting the organisation. Conclusion The management accounting is one of the most important aspects of the contemporary business organization. It helps the management is taking effective management decision for the organization. It helps in analyzing the financial and non-financial data of the organization to make the decision on behalf of the company. The performance management is crucial for the management of the company as it helps in assessing the performance of the employs of the company and thus helps in measuring the performances of the organization (Khan and Jain, 2007). The balanced scorecard is one of the most effective tools for measuring the performance of the different processes within the organization as well as the people involved with the process. It also helps in assessing the performance of the company. Apart from this, it helps in recognizing the loophole within the process and management can take important decisions to rectify the drawbacks and improve the efficiency of the business operation process es and thus improve the overall efficiency of the organization. In this way, the organization can improve the productivity as well as the profitability of the company. Preparation of Tuition Block $ Raw materials 12 Direct labour 7 Packaging 9 Royalties 10 Variable production overheads 5 43 The cost of the premium widget should be low so that the profit margin of 20% can be achieved. The profit margin is 20% then the cost should be $40. The company should use all the resources in an appropriate manner in order to decrease the cost of production(Pandey, 2015). The company should also use its employees efficiently. There are different techniques that can be used for eliminating the cost gap that are as follows: Minimizing the numbers of components Cheap staff should be used Standard components should be used More efficient and new technologies should be used The staff members should be provided with adequate training to use the techniques efficiently Decreasing the non-value-added operations and activities Different materials should be used The market-based transfer price would be most appropriate for the organization as the goods from one division could be easily transferred to another without any subsidiaries. The Company may use the transfer pricing and also the companies are showing the working out of the work. The internal cost failure includes waste, scrap, rectification or rework and failure analysis. The external failure cost includes repairs and servicing, warranty claims, complaints and returns. The external failure cost will exceed the internal failure cost when there is a supply of poor quality of products and poor service quality to the customers. It affects the overall operation of the company(Correia, 2005). The difficulties that can be faced by the CP are decrease in the demand of the products in the market and to deal with the new rules and regulations. The decrease in the demand of the products means decrease in the profitability and share price of the company. The risks can affect the overall operation of the company. References Arnold, G. (2012).Corporate financial management. Harlow, England: Pearson. Bacon, F. (2010).Corporate financial management. Acton, MA: Copley Custom Textbooks. Correia, C. (2005).Corporate financial management.Cottesloe, W.A.: Skystone Investments. Emery, D., Finnerty, J. and Stowe, J. (2011).Corporate financial management. 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Balanced Scorecard Implementation in a Local Government Authority: Issues and Challenges.Australian Journal of Public Administration, 70(2), pp.167-184. Welch, I. (2014).Corporate finance. Los Angeles: Ivo Welch. Wolf, M. (2010).Fixing global finance. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Buddhism Essay Conclusion Example For Students

Buddhism Essay Conclusion High in the mountains of the Himalayas chants ring out from the Tibetan monastery. For most this is a dream-like vacation to a far away land. For some of the people who live in Tibet and India this is everyday life as a Buddhist. Buddhism revolves around a strict code of daily rituals and meditations. To an outsider they can seem mystical or even odd, but these are the paths to enlightenment and spiritual salvation. Throughout the centuries, Buddhism has evolved into a major religion in Asia and other parts of the world. The mystical roots of Buddhism can be traced back to the first century BCE. Buddhism began with the birth of Siddhartha Gautama. When Siddhartha was born he was noticed as having the 32 auspicious signs of an enlightened one (Clark and Brown 3). His father, fearing Siddhartha would shun his inheritance, confined him to the walls of the palace, never allowing his son to experience want or suffering. However, Siddhartha on several occasions ventured outside the confines of the palace. On one of his visits into the city he saw an ascetic begging for alms in the city square. It was then that he realized that there was meaning beyond physical existence (Clark and Brown 3).Siddhartha then gave up his possessions to search for enlightenment. He discovers that by following the path of moderation, one can become enlightened (Clark and Brown 3). And so, he attained Buddhahood. Afterwards Buddha, the name given to an enlightened one, travels through India preaching and educating others about th e middle path (Clark and Brown 3). From this, Buddhism was born. The religion of Buddhism is not entirely in a sphere of its own. In fact, it combines several influences born in and around the Asian continent. The first religious influence is Taoism. Taoism embraces the belief in the fluid like spirit that flows throughout everyone and everything. The primary belief of Taoists is that the universe is in constant change. Taoists believe that nature and the earth is constantly in flux. Simply, the onlyconstant in the world is change. When individuals learn that growth and movement are natural and necessary, they can become balanced (Clark and Brown 7). Taoism teaches self-control and the importance of meditation in searching for enlightenment. The second influence is Confucianism. Put simply, Confucianism is the quest for order (Clark and Brown 8). Although it teaches the balance of family with society, Confucianism is more of a political ideology. In Asia, it concerns the division of property among citizens. Lastly, among others, is Zen. This is the most important of Buddhist practice. Zen is more a ritual than a written in stone doctrine. The rituals deal with meditation and the path to enlightenment. Zen Buddhismis the basic practice of meditation in order to reach peace within ones self (Clark and Brown 8). For most Buddhists it is Zen that leads the way to enlightenment. The practice involves reflecting upon ones self and meditating in order to reach spiritual salvation, or Nirvana, the highest level of spiritual peace. Buddhist practice can generally be divided into two sects, the Mahayana and the Theravada. The Theravada sect, the eldest, is commonly referred to as the tradition of the elderly (Hansen 4). The basic belief is that your station in life is directly related to the spiritual state of your soul. According to the beliefs, enlightenment is reserved for a select group of religious figures and scholars (Clark and Brown 5). As can be expected, the Theravada sect is less commo n. Followers of the Theravada are more commonly found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Burma (Hansen 4). The second sect, the Mahayana, is the youngest one. It is commonly referred to as the Greater Vehicle. Mahayana differs in that it subscribes to the belief that all people can attain enlightenment through the help of a teacher. Members of the Mahayana hold to the notion of group salvation, as opposed to individual accomplishment (Clark and Brown 4). The Mahayana sect is more prevalent in Buddhist communities, and far more practiced than the Theravada. .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 , .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .postImageUrl , .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 , .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:hover , .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:visited , .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:active { border:0!important; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:active , .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51 .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u7e4ed073a10bf5747c5c9dce78e4ca51:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: West African Art EssayThe main difference between the two sects is how they interpret the texts. The Mahayana views the texts more liberally, emphasizing an equal chance for all humans to achieve enlightenment (Clark and Brown 4). The way to enlightenment involves many rituals and practices. Tibetan Buddhist tools for awakening also promote relaxation and healing (Dharma Haven 1). Meditation is key to Buddhists. Before one can attain enlightenment, one must gain what is known as the four circles. The first circle is called the Fire of Wisdom. It is the outermost circle and consists of the purifying fire (Hansen 2). The second circle is called the Vajra circle. It is symbolized as the diamond circle, expressing ones fearlessness and strength. The third circle is the Tombs. This circle consists of eight tombs, each signifying the eight states of consciousness, which a person must work beyond. The fourth circle is the Lotus circle. This circle represents the open state of devotion (Hansen 2), which is necessary to achieve enlightenment. Another practice among Buddhists is the Eightfold Path. One must follow the Eightfold Path, much like Christianitys Ten Commandments, in order to purify ones self and reach enligh tenment. They are1.Right belief2.Right resolution3.Right speech4.Right action5.Right living6.Right effort7.Right thinking8.Peace of mind through meditation (Hansen 4). These along with other beliefs help mold the theology behind Buddhism. In all, Buddhism is a rich religion that affects the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Most importantly, Buddhism is a religion for all people. The religion emphasizes personal enlightenment as opposed to salvation from a higher being. The religion teaches that salvation lies in your own hands, and you are ultimately responsible for what you do, and the consequences that you face. Buddhism molds several ideologies and religions into its practices, appealing to a wide number of people, searching for salvation. Buddhist thought has helped to shape the lives of people as well as political institutions. In Japan Shintoism, the ancient cult over which the imperial family presided, had been largely eclipsed by Buddhism (Ralph et al 34). Aspects of the religion have also moved into the U.S., Growing interest in Asian culture and spiritual values in the West has led to the development of a number of societies devoted to the study and practice of Buddhism. Zen has grown in the United States to encompass more than a dozen meditation centers and a number of actual monasteries (McDermott 2). The Buddhist religion encompasses a large spectrum of people all diverse but united under the words and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.Works CitedClark, Laura, and Suzanne Brown. Vietnamese Buddhism. 18 Jan. 2000. . Dharma Haven. Healing, Relaxing and Awakening: Tibetan Buddhist Methods. 16 Jan. 2000. . 18 May 1999. Hansen, Jytte. Mandala. 17 Jan 2000. . 1 March 1997McDermott, James Paul. Buddhism Today. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99. Ralph, Phillip Lee, et al. World Civilizations: Their History and Culture. 9th edition. New York: Norton, 1997.

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The Digestive System Anatomy Review Essay Example

The Digestive System: Anatomy Review Essay The Digestive System: Anatomy Review 1. List two main divisions of the digestive system. a. Gastrointestinal tract b. Accessory digestive 2. The four main layers of the digestive tract wall are a. Mucosa b. Submucosa c. Muscularis Externa d. Serosa 3. Label the diagram below with the four main layers you listed in question 6. 4. The mucosa includes a type of columnar __cell______that forms the inner lining of the lumen 5. Blood and lymph vessels of the mucosa are found in its _epithelial cell_ connective tissue layer. . The function of epithelial goblet cells is to secrete _substances used in digestion_. 7. _Enteroendocrine_ cells of the mucosa secrete hormones into the blood. 8. Absorption of nutrients occurs through the mucosal epithelium and into either _blood capillaries_ or _lymph vessels_ vessels. 9. Using the following diagram, label the vessels you listed in the previous question. 10. The built-in (intrinsic) network of nerve cells in the submucosa is the _submucosal plexus. 11. The two types of movements produced by contractions of the muscularis externa are _peristalsis_and _segmentation_. 12. List the four regions of the stomach: a. _cardia_________ b. _fundus________ c. _body_________ d. _pyloric region_ 13. List the three sheets of muscle in the stomach’s muscularis externa: a. _ longitudinal muscle layer b. _ circular muscle layer c. _ oblique muscle layer 14. Label the three sheets of muscle in the stomach’s muscularis externa in the diagram below. 15. List, in order from the pylorus to the colon, the three regions of the small intestine: a. _duodenum b. _jejunum c. _ileum 16. From largest to smallest, list the three modifications of the small intestine’s inner wall that function to increase surface area: a. _plicae circulares b. _villa c. _microvilla 17. Label two of the modifications of the intestine to increase surface area in the diagram below. 18. The microvilli of the small intestine’s epithelial cells form the _brush_ border. 19. We will write a custom essay sample on The Digestive System: Anatomy Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Digestive System: Anatomy Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Digestive System: Anatomy Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Starting from the ileocecal valve, trace the path of undigested material through the large intestine. 20. List the six sphincters of the digestive tract: a. upper esophageal sphincter (UES) b. the cardiac sphincter c. the pyloric sphincter d. the ileocecal sphincter e. the involuntary f. voluntary anal sphincters. 21. The single digestive function of the liver is to produce _bile_. 22. The main digestive enzyme-producing organ in the body is the _pancreas_. 23. Three pairs of _salivary glands_ function to moisten food in the mouth.